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Automatic floor cleaning machine

Equipped with a series of operations such as spraying detergent, washing, wiping, and collecting dirty water. Powerful brushing cleans dirt from the floor. Operations are concentrated around the operator. Consumables can be replaced without tools. The boarding type comes standard with a cleaning brush on the front.

Automatic floor cleaning machine

  • F60 type-Almighty sweeper scrubber with two roles in one unit-

    Cleaning speed 0-6km/h
    Cleaning width1,020mm
    Detergent tank volume(actual capacity)175 (150) L
    Sewage tank volume(actual capacity)175 (150) L
    Maximum loading mass860kg
    Prime movergasoline water cooling

    This is a boarding type automatic floor cleaning machine (scrubber) equipped with a sweeper mechanism in addition to the normal cleaning mechanism. I show outstanding power on various floors.

  • F500 type -Self-propelled walking scrubber that is easy to operate and maintain

    Cleaning speed 0-5km/h
    Cleaning width530mm
    Detergent tank volume(actual capacity)58(56)L
    Sewage tank volume(actual capacity)64(52)L
    Maximum loading mass155kg
    Prime moverDC motor

    Equipped with a 5-step speed change function according to the dirtiness of the floor. This is an operator-friendly, high-spec scrubber that allows one-touch removal of the brush and replacement of the squeegee.

  • Model F401 - Hand-push scrubber equipped with high functionality in a compact body

    Cleaning speed push type
    Cleaning width Cleaning (washing) width 430mm
    Detergent tank volume(actual capacity)42(40)L
    Sewage tank volume(actual capacity)40(32)L
    Maximum loading mass120kg

    Easy to start work with a handle with a built-in contact sensor. The compact body supports detailed cleaning of production plants and warehouses.